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A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words


Read My Lips

Between Cap & Trade and the pending health care legislation Barack Obama will be taxing the hell out of everybody including those making well under $250k a year. You say that obama pledged not to raise your taxes…well if you believed that you are an idiot. Watch Axledrod back away from the pledge and squirm under questioning:

If this bothers you maybe you will take comfort in knowing that the the taxes you pay on your health benefits will not apply to union workers. This payoff is on top of the tens of billions that have gone into union coffers via the the GM and Chrysler bailouts.

Well, ok, maybe you can let that one slide…

How do you feel about skyrocketing energycosts? You better like it with Cap & Trade come to a theatre near you…and don’t say Obama didn’t tell you:

Change you can believe in…

The Do As I Say Not As I Do Obama

Obama is called out for being a hypocrite and a selfish prick.

Mr. Spittle to Bank Skank:Plenty of Rich People to Tax

Barney Frank laid bare his thoughts on raising taxes on the folks that are the engine of the economy in an interview with the Bank Skank:

PS – Why does it always sound like he is talking with a penis in his mouth?

PSS – Not that there is anything wrong with manlove but it is hard to tell what Mr. Spittle is saying…

Obama to Plumber:Your $$$ Belongs to Other People

Obama confirms his socialist intent:

Don’t you love how generous liberals are with other people’s money? This is rich coming from a millionaire that has a brother living in a hut. Apparently in the Obama household charity starts in your home, not his. Obama’s running mate follow’s the same theme by being a stingy bastard while calling on Americans to be patriotic and pay more taxes:

Obama-Biden, the team for losers who cannot make thier own way in the world.

Joe Biden Calls Charlie Rangel Unpatriotic

Yep, given that senior dooshbag Charlie Rangel doesn’t like to pay his taxes the only conclusion I can draw from Joe Biden’s recent statements on the patriotism of paying taxes he must think very little of the tax cheat Rangel:

Of course Joe Biden is a typical “do as I say not as I do” liberal…he doesn’t apply his standards to himself:

Liberals, bleck!