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Cancer Makes John Edwards Horny

Hate is wasted energy. I acknowledge that and seldom engage in the emotion. However, I have to make an exception for John Edwards. Allow me to wallow in a bit of schadenfreude.

Rep. Tim Mahoney Is An Even Bigger Scumbag

From the Treasure Coast Press Journal:

In divorce papers filed Monday, the wife of Congressman Tim Mahoney claims her husband “recently sold jointly owned real property,” moved the proceeds to an account in his name, and “dissipated funds from said account.”

Terry Ellen Mahoney also claims that in the last two years Tim Mahoney “dissipated marital assets” and asks for a full accounting of the transactions so that she can collect her share.

It looks like the good Representative was going to cheat his wife out of some assets in additon to the “numerous affairs”. Good for the soon to be ex-Mrs. Mahoney for choosing dignity and lootcakes over a charade.

Rep. Tim Mahoney Loves the Nookie

I guess Rep. Mahoney is alotta smoking man, too much for just one wife and lover on the side. The Palm Beach Post must be very proud of its endorsement 🙂

The latest GOP ad:

Tim Mahoney – Scumbag

The promise:

The reality:

Mahoney is full of shit. What did he take responsibility for? When you pay off your whore with tax dollars it is a problem. I love how he calls it dirty politics, did he feel the same about Foley?

Uh oh, here comes the FBI.

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