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Barack Obama is a Liar and an Idiot

Barack has spent a great deal of energy touting public finance as a means to rid the election process of the influence of money. So now that he is the inevitable nominee what is his position? Of course he has changed his mind. Campaign finance reform is not a big deal for the average Joe and I do not anticipate that this will hurt BO particularly given the slavish devotion of his kool-aid drinkers. Regardless, the man is a liar.

Now comes the idiot part. Barck Obama is against drilling lifting the ban on offshore drilling as well as opposed to expanded drilling in Alaska. He is an idiot because he does not appear to understand that this we could crush the wild speculation in futures market if we took a bold stand and outlined a serious program for reducing our dependency on traditional suppliers. We need short, mid, and long-term programs to accomplish this and BO can’t see beyond his moveon.org playbook. Granted John McCain has only recently come around on these issues.

Perhaps even sillier is BO’s argument that even if we expand energy exploration opportunities it won’t have an impact for 10 years. Well that belies ignorance of the futures market as we discussed but it also contradicts the left’s global warming logic. They are only too happy to raise taxes for the slim chance of minutely affecting various environmental factors years into the future but when it comes to taking action that will actually help the average Joe…forgetaboutit!

I guess part of the energy issue is that Barack, just like Al Gore, believes that we should be paying more for energy.


Immigration; Time to Address the Untenable

The silliness really needs to stop and we have to move forward with realistic policy formulation. When ads by vodka producers incite the masses and expose the divide in the immigration debate I hope we can agree that our energies are misdirected.

My adopted State, Florida, has been struggling with the issue for some time. The confluence of a collapse of the housing market, the 2005 proposed reforms, and the relatively large population of illegal/undocumented (choose your euphemism) people have created a poster child for reform. The State is considering a number of measures that may or may not make it into legislation and localities are left to decide for themselves how to handle thier individual circumstances with some controversial results.

I hope we can work through the shortcomings of the previous reform efforts and enact legislation that will 1) address border security; 2) deport all undocumented residents that have committed any felonies or any serious misdemeanors (DUI’s, etc); and, 3) create an effective amnesty program. Yes, I said amnesty.

It seems to me that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the policymaking process is the disingenuous rhetoric employed by many elements of the debate. Reasonable people need to take back the discussion and move beyond charges of amnesty, open borders, racism, nativism, etc, etc.

This issue promises to divide the country if it is not effectively addressed and has the potential to leave a black eye not dissimilar from the history of blacks in the U.S. Exploitation takes many forms and slavery is but one. This may sound odd coming from a professed conservative but it should not. We own out history and forge our future. We have the ability to assimilate the majority of individuals here without legal status and incorporating them into our economy and into our nation. The alternative is to drive wedges, create divisions, and allocate resources to extricating people in a manner that will become ugly. There will be abuses. Resentment will be fostered. These are not unintended or unforeseen consequences. They are predictable results and we should act accordingly for the best possible future for our nation.