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The One

Barack is apparently making a hard push for the faith community. It’s a natural given how much Jesus and Barack have in common:

Rep. Cohen fails to point out that Jesus wasn’t paid a salary and given a free car to rouble rouse Alinksy-style.

With Friends Like This…(Delayed Cognitive Dissonance)

Bill Ayers

Barack sure can pick ’em… This guy is pondscum. 

Let us be perfectly clear, this is more than a guy that lives in the same neighborhood as BO, he threw BO’s first fundraiser back in 1995. If you are at all familiar with politics you know that someone that patronizes your candidacy by hosting a fundrasier does so for a reason. And just as Ayers saw in Barack something he liked and wanted to go out of his way to support so too should Barack have been familiar with this helping hand (just like Rezko).

At best Barack Obama is a terrible judge of character. I think the reality is that he knew exactly who Ayers was and is and that those radical views were not incommensurate with his own. There seems to be too many instances of delayed cognitive dissonance with Barack Obama.

McCain Telegraphs His Strategy

The Arizona Senator has come out strong against a North Carolina GOP ad using the Reverend Wright as a hammer against democratic opponents. I wonder if this is part of a strategy to provide distance between McCain and the inevitable attack ads, probably so. It may not be a bad tact to take given that Hillary will be spending some more time tearing down the new messiah. It will be interesting to see what McCain feels is fair game. He has already indicated a willingness to take Obama to task on his relationship with domestic terrorists.

It is clear that McCain feels like he has to walk a fine line and at this point he looks to be doing it with finesse.