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Neo-Nazi National Anthem

Given the civil unrest that Obama is stirring I thought it apropos to revisit the sickness that precipitated his election epitomized by these freaks:

Useful idiots indoctrinating future generations of useful idiots was comical and mildly disturbing before as there was a glimmer of hope that Obama could be the post-partisan, post-racial, and non Alinsky radical that he claimed to be…

Now we clearly have a POTUS that is at odds with the fabric of this nation and has a cadre of supporters that will follow him over the cliff.


“Screw Political Correctness”

I like this chick. 🙂

Common sense and a backbone are traits most politicians lack and something Sarah Palin has in spades.

Obama in Perspective…

The Road to Surfdom

The Road to Surfdom

Barack Obama Wins…

…The Political Dookie is calling the election for POTUS…and it is Barack Hussein Obama. 😦

It is time for the conservative movement to mobilize. 🙂

The Political Dookie has just begun to fight.