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Illegals for Free (to them) Healthcare

The lefties really are desperate. They’ve gone from using union thugs to beat down opposition to socialized healthcare to hiring illegal immigrants to act as protesters:

Illegals 4 Free Healthcare!

Illegals 4 Free Healthcare!

Viva la socialism!

The Sheep Awaken

It’s about time that people awaken to the fact that the Country is being destroyed from within and if “Cap & Trade” and the Obama health plan are implemented there will be no recovery.

So what do the people think about what is happening in Washington? Well watch as Congressman Tim Bishop finds out:

It doesn’t look like the people are too happy. It looks like that Obama Kool-Aid isn’t tasting so good after all.

Wake up and take action before it is too late. Call and write your representatives!

Nancy Pelosi

Oy Ve:


Things get complicated for Holder

Eric Holder’s plate is getting messy.

Should he choose to pursue the Bush legal staff that opined as to the the legality of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) he could open himself and the Clinton Administration to similar scrutiny. Oh how the worm turns.

This is on top of the revelation that Nancy Pelosi has lied repeatedly and had full knowledge of the EIT’s being employed by the CIA. Nancy has no cred 🙂

Where are the unshaven ladies of code pink? Where is moveon.org??

Tim Mahoney – Scumbag

The promise:

The reality:

Mahoney is full of shit. What did he take responsibility for? When you pay off your whore with tax dollars it is a problem. I love how he calls it dirty politics, did he feel the same about Foley?

Uh oh, here comes the FBI.

The Missing SNL Skit


Nancy Pelosi: The Worst Speaker of the House, Ever.











Nancy Delano Pelosi will go down in history as the most incompetent Speaker of the House in history. Her lack of candor regarding the source of the present financial meltdown coupled with her bitter partisanship has made her a total failure. Liberalism is the father of this failure beginning with the Community Reinvestment Act and culminating with the refusal to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

 A lesson in how not to bring people together 🙂

Rove takes Pelosi and the Dems down:

We need to work through the pain and reclaim the notion of personal responsibility. If you took out a mortgage you could not afford, too bad. Rent. If you are a CEO and engaged in fraudulent accounting practices to pump your bonus, no soup for you…straight to jail. If you are a board member of a corporation and let your CEO run wild, too bad, enjoy your share prices circling the toilet bowl.

If you go to work, live within your means, and take responsibility for your own actions please call your Senators and Reps and demand the same.