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The State of the Media


The Van Jones and “School indoctrination speech” episodes have underscored the servitude of the MSM to the wannabe fascist Obama regime. They are complicit in both their incompetance and lust for identity politics that undermine any sense of impartial reportage. The lack of self knowledge among the mainstream media elites was on full display in this exchange on Meet the Press:

Farewell to the dinosaurs.

NYT Staffers = Better than you…

When it comes to security the New York Times could care less about your average U.S citizens or soldiers. Apparently they have different perspective when it is one of thier own. (h/t Hot Air)

More Sunshine on the “Lion”

As we move past the spectacle of the funeral there is more light shed on the true Kennedy and his meaning for the Country. Vin Suprynowicz dissects Ted Kennedy and then draws clear parallels with the left’s new poster-child. Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is a clip from the notorious Mudd interview that exposed¬†Kennedy’s lack of substance. Once again the similarities to BHO are evident:¬†

An Honest Take on Kennedy

Kennedy’s passing is interesting that it comes at a time when the MSM can no longer whitewash history to advance the cause of liberalism. This article gives a genuine perspective on Kennedy and his passing that will not be reflected in the MSM.

Illegal Alien Vouches for Obama

I’ve not delved into the “birther” issue but this is to sweet to pass up.

CNN uses an illegal alient to vouch for Obama. What the hell?

CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts

First they came for the talk radio hosts

America’s Car Dealer

Butler, MO car dealer Mark Muller talks about his popular promotion in which anyone who purchases a truck receives a free AK-47 and totally confounds CNN’s Carol Costello by pushing back against her anti-gun and seemigly anti-God sentiments.