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Mary Jo Kopechne’s Death Was Worth It

The huff post is no stranger to sick freaks but Melissa Lafsky has to rank among the sickest. Misogynist Lasfsky has the gall to wonder what Mary Jo Kopechne would think of Ted Kennedy’s career and think it possible that maybe it was worth her death. So, what is the moral of this story? Advance the liberal cause: go kill a liberal chick??? Michael Savage is exactly right; liberalism is a mental disorder.

I wonder if Melissa would be willing to drown to death so a fat white man could live the high life and contribute to the ruination of the Country?

David Letterman

It looks like the Palin/Letterman controversy has largely played out. Having been a Letterman fan back in the 80’s I think it is unfortunate to see Dave turn into such a weeny. What I take away from this is I now understand why Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson instead of Letterman. It also seems to be the case that what used to fuel his comic energy, insecurity, now feeds a certain viciousness towards political opponents. He masks his vitriol under the rubric of being a comedian.

Why the Miss USA Flap Matters

I’ll tell you that this is the first time in my life that the Miss USA contest has garnered my attention. There could not be a less substantive contest and a parade of preening skeletons is even less compelling when it involves megalomaniac and consummate douschebag Donald Trump. I digress.

What has attracted my attention is the exposure of the fascistic homosexual agenda by the candid response contestant Prejean gave to a question posed by the enthusiastically gay Perez Hilton regarding gay marriage:

Ok…big deal, Prejean feels the way most people do in this Country. She is not “anti gay” and she does not appear to be against civil unions.

What is problematic is that Perez Hilton can call Prejean a dumb bitch and a cunt because she has a different opinion (albeit one shared by most in this country) and he is not taken to task for it. The MSM still interview him. I’m not aware of any condemnation from NOW for his misogynistic rantings.

This just goes to show the hatred and fascistic tendencies of the left in general and the “homosexual mafia” in particular. Dissent is not something that can be tolerated by the left. The Proposition 8 issue has really brought the nutters out from the left and exposed their contempt for free thinking individuals.