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Thugocracy Comes to DC

And so it begins.

Will the MSM explore Walpin-Gate?

Jay Mohr Invites IRS Audit

He dares question the transsexual beauty that is Michelle O:

(h/t  Ace)

Another Barack Obama Supporter Controversy:Video Exclusive

Middle America is not ready to embrace the vitriolic poetry of Tyrone Green and Barack Obama’s association with this man is yet another reason to question his judgement. Rumor has it that Michelle Obama spent a great deal of time with Tyrone honing her anger and rage.

The Queen of Entitlement & Bitterness Strikes Again?

Keep an eye on this website. Rumor has it that the Michelle Obama may have been taped ranting against whitey. I know that’s hard to believe given her rosey demeanor…  If it is true it will be delightful to watch Barack Obama try to throw this momma from the train.

Barack’s Achilles Heal

Who is it that will ultimately sink Barack’s vision quest? Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? No…it will ultimately be his bitter and angry wife. The more the country sees of this entitled and angry woman the less they will like her and it will stick to BO. Hitchens makes the case that it is Michelle that probably kept BO in Wright’s pews for all those years.  Watch the video and read the article and try to figure out why this lady is so damn angry.

Did You Call Me Angry?

I will whip your white ass!

If you thought she had a chip on her shoulder before how ya think she’s going to be kicking it now? Jeremiah Wright better watch his back…(remember she quit her $300k/yr cake job to become the black jackie-o)

Where is the left’s outrage?

While the left makes much of the “healthcare crisis” and both Democratic candidates offer some level of socialist redress to the issue we hear nothing of the Obama hypocrisy. Michelle Obama was the Vice President of Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals pulling in over $300,000 for a do nothing position. A position she promoted to after her husband joined the Senate. I’m sure the $250,000 raise was a coincidence.

The thing is, where is the outrage? If Dick Cheney was the CEO of a hospital you can imagine the vitriol. It is amazing what the left will turn a blind eye to if you are a socially promoted black woman. Maybe healthcare would not be so expensive if parasites like Mrs. Obama lived thier words.

Bitterness? Obama need only roll over in bed to find it…

It seems Mr. Hope thinks the electorate is bitter. While I think Barack need only roll over in bed in the morning to find true bitterness I do believe his comments are illuminating viz-a-viz his focus on government as the answer to all that ails us. Recall that the Obamas are here to heal our soul! 

Where is the role of personal responsibility in the world of Obama? It might be time to do some reading to understand where we would be headed under this new Messiah.