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Obama F’ing Christ


Just as Obama kneels before muslims we must kneel before him. Obama is the light…but through him lies the path to a fascist state.

Some see this poverty pimp as “the truth“…I see Barack as less of a JC and more of a Judas.

Barack Obama IS Jesus Christ Redux

According to reliable people:

NBC Sponsors the New Hitler Youth?

We Love Obama

We Love Obama

This is just creepy!

The New Hitler Youth

Same as the old Hitler Youth:

Bitterness? Obama need only roll over in bed to find it…

It seems Mr. Hope thinks the electorate is bitter. While I think Barack need only roll over in bed in the morning to find true bitterness I do believe his comments are illuminating viz-a-viz his focus on government as the answer to all that ails us. Recall that the Obamas are here to heal our soul! 

Where is the role of personal responsibility in the world of Obama? It might be time to do some reading to understand where we would be headed under this new Messiah.