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Meet Nazi Wesley Cheeks

Well perhaps this “officer” is more a useful idiot than a Nazi as he really does not seem to have all his mental faculties:

Heil Obama!

Everyone Gets It But Us…

Why are we blind to our fate? If Russia can see it why can’t we?

Media Fellates Obama: Part Eleventy Billion


Media Adoration 🙂

Barack Obama Wins…

…The Political Dookie is calling the election for POTUS…and it is Barack Hussein Obama. 😦

It is time for the conservative movement to mobilize. 🙂

The Political Dookie has just begun to fight.

Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci & The Nationalization of 401k’s

Wake up. What Barack Obama and a greater Democratic majority will lead to is not the equality of opportunity that is fundamental to this nation…but a shift in emphasis to the ensure equality of outcome. This trophy for everybody mentality is the greatest threat facing this country.

Emblematic of this mentality is Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci and her thoughts on how 401k plans should be modified. See Mark Levin deconstruct here here. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth here.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in life. If you aspire to the lowest common denominator then you are a Democrat. If you are stupid or lazy, then by all means vote for Barack Obama. He is your man savior.

If you want to maximize your potential then vote McCain-Palin and work to bring back conservative ethics to government and a return to individualism.

The Do As I Say Not As I Do Obama

Obama is called out for being a hypocrite and a selfish prick.

Every Day Is Christmas…

…when Barack Obama is POTUS…if you are a lazy free loader. Please meet Peggy Joseph that looks to government to take care of her gas and mortgage:

Remember when you worked for the American Dream? It looks like Peggy wants her lootcakes for free.

Update: Now it looks like Obama may be worried if he cannot part the sea and save the world. Somebody better alert the freeloaders.