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An Honest Take on Kennedy

Kennedy’s passing is interesting that it comes at a time when the MSM can no longer whitewash history to advance the cause of liberalism. This article gives a genuine perspective on Kennedy and his passing that will not be reflected in the MSM.

Liberals and Tolerance = Mutually Exclusive

A little background on the tolerant homosexual lobby and treatment by the MSM:

Then Bill O gets on it:

Please understand that I’m not religious nor homophobic but this behavior offends me. It is ironic how those that represent themselves as “liberal” are only interested in freedom and tolerance when you agree with their worldview.

Maya Angelou, You Ignorant Slut!

What a feeble minded and self-loathing American woman. I guess the revered Maya is too stupid to realize that the Brits and French treat their minorities like poop and they have no chance at integrating into the society. Contrast this with the USA where we have minorities at the highest levels of government and on the Supreme Court thanks the George Bush. This poet is an empty skirt and a joke. Do you think she would have been so proud if it were Michael Steele that was elected?

Update: Perhaps Maya can go recite some of her overrated prose to these “enlightened” Europeans.

Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci & The Nationalization of 401k’s

Wake up. What Barack Obama and a greater Democratic majority will lead to is not the equality of opportunity that is fundamental to this nation…but a shift in emphasis to the ensure equality of outcome. This trophy for everybody mentality is the greatest threat facing this country.

Emblematic of this mentality is Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci and her thoughts on how 401k plans should be modified. See Mark Levin deconstruct here here. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth here.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in life. If you aspire to the lowest common denominator then you are a Democrat. If you are stupid or lazy, then by all means vote for Barack Obama. He is your man savior.

If you want to maximize your potential then vote McCain-Palin and work to bring back conservative ethics to government and a return to individualism.

Obama Kicks Non-Believers Off Plane

Not only have the reporters from newspapers that endorsed McCain for President been kicked off Obama’s plane they have also been informed that they will burn in hell for denying Barack Obama as thier personal savior.

Apparently space has been made for Essence and Jet; I wonder if McCain would be criticized if he made specific space for “white media”.

Reality 101

Break it down…

So endeth the lesson.

NY Times: The Sky is Falling for Students!

In the Times today, Fewer Options Open to Pay for Costs of College, the paper laments the problems with securing loans for school and the potential impacts of the credit crisis. The article paints gloom and doom but does not mention one interesting possibility, that a student may work when they attend school. What a concept. They also don’t mention scholarships or parents and students SAVING for school. The entitlement mentality fostered by liberalism in the Country will be our undoing if we do not check it. People want what they want and they want it now with no pain or effort. This attitude is not sustainable and must change. The hallmarks of American Exceptionalism are at stake and this article is just icing on the self-pity cake. Nothing is more antithetical to what has made this Country unique than Barack Obama and his uberliberalism. The snowball is getting bigger folks…