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The State of the Media


The Van Jones and “School indoctrination speech” episodes have underscored the servitude of the MSM to the wannabe fascist Obama regime. They are complicit in both their incompetance and lust for identity politics that undermine any sense of impartial reportage. The lack of self knowledge among the mainstream media elites was on full display in this exchange on Meet the Press:

Farewell to the dinosaurs.

More Sunshine on the “Lion”

As we move past the spectacle of the funeral there is more light shed on the true Kennedy and his meaning for the Country. Vin Suprynowicz dissects Ted Kennedy and then draws clear parallels with the left’s new poster-child. Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is a clip from the notorious Mudd interview that exposed Kennedy’s lack of substance. Once again the similarities to BHO are evident: 

Zack Lahn Picks On Handicapped

Mentally handicapped that is…the ever-stupid  Contessa Brewer:

MSNBC – Helping advance the the cause of the Nazi’s at every turn.

America’s Car Dealer

Butler, MO car dealer Mark Muller talks about his popular promotion in which anyone who purchases a truck receives a free AK-47 and totally confounds CNN’s Carol Costello by pushing back against her anti-gun and seemigly anti-God sentiments.


“Screw Political Correctness”

I like this chick. 🙂

Common sense and a backbone are traits most politicians lack and something Sarah Palin has in spades.

Swine Flu: Blame Obama

The Feds failed to act…Why did the CDC and the DHS fail? Why wasn’t the border with Mexico closed weeks ago?

I look forward to the mainstream media’s outrage over Obama’s “Katrina”.

More CNN Scum; Rick Sanchez the Murderer

I meant to post this up earlier. Glenn Beck et al expose Rick Sanchez for the tool he is:

Good stuff eh?

The MSM-fed Sheeple – Idiots

Why a revised literacy test isn’t a bad idea.

Lambs to the slaughter…

Lib Talker & Huff Poster Wants Joe the Plumbler DEAD!

Apparently when Huff Posters aren’t stabbing people 200 times with a screwdriver they are wishing people dead:

Charles Karel Bouley is a weekend host on KGO-AM and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post in addition to being a consumate douchebag. He is the same piece of trash that wrote that Tony Snow’s cancer was basically karma. I hope that karma becomes a dear friend to Mr. Bouley.

The Media

An outstanding exposition on the state of the media. Somebody should inform the editors that you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.