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MSNBC: Bias for $$$$

Well, well, well…maybe the extreme liberal bias of MSNBC is about more than ideology.

Maya Angelou, You Ignorant Slut!

What a feeble minded and self-loathing American woman. I guess the revered Maya is too stupid to realize that the Brits and French treat their minorities like poop and they have no chance at integrating into the society. Contrast this with the USA where we have minorities at the highest levels of government and on the Supreme Court thanks the George Bush. This poet is an empty skirt and a joke. Do you think she would have been so proud if it were Michael Steele that was elected?

Update: Perhaps Maya can go recite some of her overrated prose to these “enlightened” Europeans.

Teacher Belittles Student for Supporting McCain

Check out this fetid creature Diantha Harris ridiculing a student for supporting McCain and spewing liberal bile:

This idiot should be fired immediately. You can contact the Superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, William C. Harrison, at 910-678-2300. You can also drop a suggested topic to the Super.

Update: Judging by the Super’s response this is not conduct that will be tolerated. Good for him.

Update II: I received the following response to my comments to the District:

“Jennine Goessens” <jennineg@CCS.K12.NC.US

    Save Address     Reminder    
To:    <politicaldookie@bellsouth.net>
Subject:    RE: Journal Suggestions
Date:    Friday, November 7, 2008 4:25:46 PM   [View Source]

We are aware of the video shown on You Tube.  It demonstrates the action of one individual which is inconsistent with the values of the district.  Our administration is addressing the issue at the school. Our Superintendent has posted a message on You Tube.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9ta9XKQXgE ) and the CCS Homepage at (www.ccs.k12.nc.us)

You may want to look at that.  Please be assured that we take this seriously and will handle appropriately.

I think the Cumberland County School District deserves kudos for the prompt and appropriate response.

Lib Talker & Huff Poster Wants Joe the Plumbler DEAD!

Apparently when Huff Posters aren’t stabbing people 200 times with a screwdriver they are wishing people dead:

Charles Karel Bouley is a weekend host on KGO-AM and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post in addition to being a consumate douchebag. He is the same piece of trash that wrote that Tony Snow’s cancer was basically karma. I hope that karma becomes a dear friend to Mr. Bouley.

Obama To Create Liberal Fascist Domestic Force

Obama announces his call for a Civilian Security Force:

Interesting. We have the Reserves and the National Guard. Why would we need a “Civilian Security Force” in addition or to supplant what is in existence? Perhaps the creation of Barack’s brownshirts will happen at the same time individual gun rights are taken away.

Here’s a look into the future:

Ask yourself, do you feel comfortable with Barack Obama naming two to three appointments to the Supreme Court?

Barack Obama IS Jesus Christ Redux

According to reliable people:

Barack Obama Introduces New Outfit…

befitting the Nazi that he is:

Obama Uber Alles

Obama Uber Alles