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NYT Staffers = Better than you…

When it comes to security the New York Times could care less about your average U.S citizens or soldiers. Apparently they have different perspective when it is one of thier own. (h/t Hot Air)

Kneel Before Zod

Here you can watch Brian Williams catch himself before he kneels to fellate the Obamassiah:

The liberal press worhsip the socialist-in-chief.

Liberal Evironmentalist Loves Fish…Hates Hispanics

While you have have may have heard about the drought in California and the impacts on jobs due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) regarding preservation of a non-indigenous fish you probably have not seen or heard this in the national media:

Lib enviro loves fish but hates those pesky Hispanics. Imagine the national uproar if Rush Limbaugh said this…

The fascist take on the particular issue. A view that values humans above “biological diversity”.

Obama & The PLO

What the MSM will keep from you until after the election. Barack Obama is a total fraud.