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Obama to Plumber:Your $$$ Belongs to Other People

Obama confirms his socialist intent:

Don’t you love how generous liberals are with other people’s money? This is rich coming from a millionaire that has a brother living in a hut. Apparently in the Obama household charity starts in your home, not his. Obama’s running mate follow’s the same theme by being a stingy bastard while calling on Americans to be patriotic and pay more taxes:

Obama-Biden, the team for losers who cannot make thier own way in the world.

Gwen Ifill the Neutral Moderator?

Gwen appears to be wearing a face of disgust in response to Palin’s convention spiel:

Michelle Malkin takes apart the clearly conflicted Iffil.

Hugh Hewitt has Palin on his show…

Joe Biden Calls Charlie Rangel Unpatriotic

Yep, given that senior dooshbag Charlie Rangel doesn’t like to pay his taxes the only conclusion I can draw from Joe Biden’s recent statements on the patriotism of paying taxes he must think very little of the tax cheat Rangel:

Of course Joe Biden is a typical “do as I say not as I do” liberal…he doesn’t apply his standards to himself:

Liberals, bleck!