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Muslims Call for Final Solution Part II

The Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace

For those of you that didn’t get to enjoy the first Holocaust you’re in luck! This lovely lady and her “religion of peace” cohorts are looking to bring back an oldy but a goody.

Here’s the full clip:

Welcome to FortLauderdalistan…


OK. Squeeze them lemons…

Top ten positive outcomes from the POTUS election:

  1. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and every other poverty pimp can now crawl back in thier respective holes and STFU. Affirmative action in all areas can now cease.
  2. Affirmative action can now cease.
  3. Europeans can lament their provincialism and marvel at the cosmopolitan nature of the Americans.
  4. The U.S.A can pursue radical Islam with impunity sans any charges of being anti-Islamic.
  5. Contributors at the Huffington Post will stop killing people
  6. Contributors at the Huffington Post will quit wishing people dead.
  7. Contributors at the Huffington Post will stop stealing private property.
  8. John McCain will be remembered as a classy politician.*
  9. Sarah Palin will be a fixture in the future of the GOP.
  10. Any leftist agenda has to be implemented through the incompetency of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid 🙂 

*Unless McCain repudiates the bile spilling forth from his handlers viz-a-viz Sarah Palinhe will be shunned by the Political Dookie and shall be labeled classless.

Barack Obama to Jews:Back of the Bus!

According to low-life extortionist and bastard-maker Jesse Jackson the election of Barack Obama will result in the backburnering of “Zionist” issues and the emergence of a new primacy for US-Muslim relations.

It is about time that we forget about the Jews and start giving proper respect to the greater community of Islam. I know I am sick and tired of the Jews cutting off people’s heads, flying planes into our biuldings, and killing people over books and cartoons. Oh wait…maybe I’ve got that backwards. So, what the hell is Obama thinking? Any Jew that votes for Obama is a fool.

Maybe Barack Obama can get Jews to adopt the more enlightened ways of Muslims: