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Obama Bait & Switch on Immigration, War, Gay Rights

The Hispanic activists that supported Barack Obama in the hope of aggressive immigration reform are a little dismayed. It turns out that Obama is continuing previously implemented programs and even stepping them up a bit. The New York Times indicates how Obama has moved his position towards his election opponent:

Ms. Napolitano and other administration officials argue that no-nonsense immigration enforcement is necessary to persuade American voters to accept legislation that would give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, a measure they say Mr. Obama still hopes to advance late this year or early next.

That approach brings Mr. Obama around to the position that his Republican rival, Senator John McCainof Arizona, espoused during last year’s presidential campaign, a stance Mr. Obama rejected then as too hard on Latino and immigrant communities. (Mr. McCain did not respond to requests for comment.) Now the enforcement strategy has opened a political rift with some immigrant advocacy and Hispanic groups whose voters were crucial to the Obama victory.

The continuation and expansion of the 287(g) program has to be an especially hard pill for the activists to swallow.

At least immigration activists are not alone…they can find comfort in the arms of gay activists and anti-war activists that Obama has also sold out 🙂


Coming next…Obama breaks his pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than $250K per year…oh, nevermind, he broke that promise when he raised taxes on tobacco.

Liberal Evironmentalist Loves Fish…Hates Hispanics

While you have have may have heard about the drought in California and the impacts on jobs due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) regarding preservation of a non-indigenous fish you probably have not seen or heard this in the national media:

Lib enviro loves fish but hates those pesky Hispanics. Imagine the national uproar if Rush Limbaugh said this…

The fascist take on the particular issue. A view that values humans above “biological diversity”.

Don’t Lower My Wage Bro!

If you think immigration is only an issue that concerns unskilled and blue collar laborers and that globalization doesn’t impact you…you might want to consider the broader impacts; specifically the H1B Visas and “offshoring“. While illegal immigration tends to have a greater negative impact on unskilled labor and tradesmen there is a new study that focuses on the impact of H1B visas and “offshoring” on comfy white collar jobs. Here’s  the abstract of the paper by Tambe and Hitt:

We use new sources of micro-data to estimate the impact that H-1B and offshore employment have had on the wages of native IT workers. Our primary data source describes employers, demographics, and wages for a segment of the US IT workforce. We integrate these data with external datasets describing employers’ H-1B applications, available through Department of Labor databases, and offshore employment, measured through the self-reported employment of a large sample of offshore IT workers. Our estimates indicate that H-1B admissions at the current levels are associated with a 5-6% drop in wages for computer programmers and systems analysts. Offshoring appears to lower the wages of a slightly broader class of IT workers, including IT managers, by about 3%. These effects are larger for employees exposed to external labor market forces, such as new graduates or job-hoppers. The implications of these findings for IT workers, policy makers, and managers are discussed.

The study entitled “H-1B Visas, Offshoring, and the Wages of US Information Technology Workers” by Prasanna B. Tambe of New York University – Stern School of Business and Lorin M. Hitt of University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School was relased on April 14 2009 and has been taken down from general public review due to the unanticipated media reaction. I can only imagine what stage of apoplexy the immigration and globalization advocates flew into over this report.

What’s disconcerting is the apparent self imposed censorship being applied here. Academia is supposed to be about open discourse and peer review. It seems that the politcal left yearns for free speach and romanticizes dissent when they like the message but when thier worldview is threatended they strap on the black boots.

Free Speech – For Liberals Only

The one thing that really drives the left nuts is an opposing view. See how they deal with Tom Tancredo speaking on immigration at UNC:

I wonder when Janet Napolitano will be issuing a report warning us about these leftist nutters?

Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt…

…Here illegally and living on public assitance. Do you think if Barack Obama is elected President he will expedite her deportation and investigate why she is receiving public assitance while here as an illegal?

When contacted by the press Obama expressed that this was “not the Aunt he knew” 🙂

Update: Apparently the Dems are calling for an investigation about this issue coming to light but they are OK with state computers being accessed to harrass “Joe the Plumber”.

Immigration; Time to Address the Untenable

The silliness really needs to stop and we have to move forward with realistic policy formulation. When ads by vodka producers incite the masses and expose the divide in the immigration debate I hope we can agree that our energies are misdirected.

My adopted State, Florida, has been struggling with the issue for some time. The confluence of a collapse of the housing market, the 2005 proposed reforms, and the relatively large population of illegal/undocumented (choose your euphemism) people have created a poster child for reform. The State is considering a number of measures that may or may not make it into legislation and localities are left to decide for themselves how to handle thier individual circumstances with some controversial results.

I hope we can work through the shortcomings of the previous reform efforts and enact legislation that will 1) address border security; 2) deport all undocumented residents that have committed any felonies or any serious misdemeanors (DUI’s, etc); and, 3) create an effective amnesty program. Yes, I said amnesty.

It seems to me that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the policymaking process is the disingenuous rhetoric employed by many elements of the debate. Reasonable people need to take back the discussion and move beyond charges of amnesty, open borders, racism, nativism, etc, etc.

This issue promises to divide the country if it is not effectively addressed and has the potential to leave a black eye not dissimilar from the history of blacks in the U.S. Exploitation takes many forms and slavery is but one. This may sound odd coming from a professed conservative but it should not. We own out history and forge our future. We have the ability to assimilate the majority of individuals here without legal status and incorporating them into our economy and into our nation. The alternative is to drive wedges, create divisions, and allocate resources to extricating people in a manner that will become ugly. There will be abuses. Resentment will be fostered. These are not unintended or unforeseen consequences. They are predictable results and we should act accordingly for the best possible future for our nation.