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Hillary – I Am Woman…(and not black)

Operation Chaos enters the next phase. Thank you Hillary and Bill, the hour is yours even if the New York Times has turned against you 🙂

Fox Declares Hillary the Winner

Sweet, Operation Chaos enters a new stage, muahahahahahahaha!

Hillary is the Victim of a Vast Left Wing Conpiracy

I feel bad for the old warhorse and there is really only one antidote, here you go Hillary; the national anthem for angry, bitter , old white women…



HRC Campaign RIP

Hillary Campaign

Stick a fork in it, the presidential aspiration of prevaricateur in chief HRC are over. We read today that Mark Penn is out at Clinton’s Senior Campaign Strategist. I guess working on Colombia’s behalf for NAFA is a bit much since Hillary has changed her position recently and lied about her past stance. I love Hillary 🙂

Hillary Clinton Is a Liar

I have been trying to understand why an individual as bright as Senator Clinton must be, surrounded by all her high priced political consultants, could possibly engage in such easily exposed prevarication as is the case with the Bosnia “recollection”. After digesting the story the image that comes to mind is Martin Sheen holding up the baby in his character’s presidency-ending moment in the classic King adaptation The Dead Zone:

Hillary in Bosnia

Imagine Hillary in Bosnia, shots fired, holding up the little girl or even her daughter. I think the better metaphor is that, like Martin Sheen’s character Stillson, this is the critical event that has ended her quest for the presidency…even if she doesn’t know it.

Christopher Hitchens has an excellent summary in Slate that is worth a read for the context and his typical acerbic pen: http://www.slate.com/id/2187780/pagenum/all/#page_start.