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Obama Speechwriter Quits in Disgust – Voting McCain-Palin

You won’t read about Wendy Button in the MSM.

Bill Clinton Takes A Dookie On Obama

It’s great to see President Clinton helping Barack Obama out by highlighting McCain’s desire to have more debates and underscoring his sincerity regarding the postponement of the debate scheduled for Friday:


Poetry: Democrats Imploding

Oh Joy 🙂

Barack Reaching Out To Clinton

9:18 in Raleigh and Barack Obama just emphasized the unity of the Democratic party and that his supporters would support Hillary and vice-versa. I think this is an excellent move on his part ot pressure Hillary and perhaps a sign that the bottom of the ticket may be open for Hillary.

Operation Chaos?

If nothing else the Democratic Primary is a godsend for Rush Limbaugh with the MSM feeding him all kinds of free publicity regarding the hilarious “Operation Chaos“. We may see some effects tonight:

10:51 AM — ‘Hardcore’ Republicans voting Democrat

The two precincts at Broad Ripple Family Center selected Republican Jon Elrod over Democrat Andre Carson in March’s special election for U.S. Congress. But by 9 a.m., just 21 voters in one of those precincts had requested Republican ballots — out of 168 cast.

Amid heavy turnout, Republicans appeared to be crossing over in droves today in Marion County and suburban counties, where fewer Republican voters might impact down-ticket primary races.

I can hear Keith Olberman crying now 🙂

Barack’s Achilles Heal

Who is it that will ultimately sink Barack’s vision quest? Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? No…it will ultimately be his bitter and angry wife. The more the country sees of this entitled and angry woman the less they will like her and it will stick to BO. Hitchens makes the case that it is Michelle that probably kept BO in Wright’s pews for all those years.  Watch the video and read the article and try to figure out why this lady is so damn angry.

Nora Ephron: We Have An Answer

When Nora Ephron asked the question of who Pennsylvania democrats hate more, women or blacks, we were left to speculate. Now we have an amswer, they hate blacks more than women. Thanks to Nora for framing the debate and exposing the racist tendencies of the democratic party 🙂