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Obama Speechwriter Quits in Disgust – Voting McCain-Palin

You won’t read about Wendy Button in the MSM.

Bill Clinton Takes A Dookie On Obama

It’s great to see President Clinton helping Barack Obama out by highlighting McCain’s desire to have more debates and underscoring his sincerity regarding the postponement of the debate scheduled for Friday:


Poetry: Democrats Imploding

Oh Joy 🙂

Barack Reaching Out To Clinton

9:18 in Raleigh and Barack Obama just emphasized the unity of the Democratic party and that his supporters would support Hillary and vice-versa. I think this is an excellent move on his part ot pressure Hillary and perhaps a sign that the bottom of the ticket may be open for Hillary.

Operation Chaos?

If nothing else the Democratic Primary is a godsend for Rush Limbaugh with the MSM feeding him all kinds of free publicity regarding the hilarious “Operation Chaos“. We may see some effects tonight:

10:51 AM — ‘Hardcore’ Republicans voting Democrat

The two precincts at Broad Ripple Family Center selected Republican Jon Elrod over Democrat Andre Carson in March’s special election for U.S. Congress. But by 9 a.m., just 21 voters in one of those precincts had requested Republican ballots — out of 168 cast.

Amid heavy turnout, Republicans appeared to be crossing over in droves today in Marion County and suburban counties, where fewer Republican voters might impact down-ticket primary races.

I can hear Keith Olberman crying now 🙂

Barack’s Achilles Heal

Who is it that will ultimately sink Barack’s vision quest? Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? No…it will ultimately be his bitter and angry wife. The more the country sees of this entitled and angry woman the less they will like her and it will stick to BO. Hitchens makes the case that it is Michelle that probably kept BO in Wright’s pews for all those years.  Watch the video and read the article and try to figure out why this lady is so damn angry.

Nora Ephron: We Have An Answer

When Nora Ephron asked the question of who Pennsylvania democrats hate more, women or blacks, we were left to speculate. Now we have an amswer, they hate blacks more than women. Thanks to Nora for framing the debate and exposing the racist tendencies of the democratic party 🙂

Damn ABC, Damn them to hell!

I have marveled at the nutroots reaction to the Hillary-Barack debate. Cruise by DailyKos, DU, or the Huffpost and all the weenies are apoplectic over the questions from Gibson and Hairdoo. Hillary being a congential liar and having no shame was not as ruffled by the questioning as Barack who was clearly rattled. The basic difference between the two is that Hillary will say or do anything to get elected whereas I think Barack has a moral compass and would like to be true to himself and his beliefs. Going mainstream is not comensurate with the core of Hope 08.

Going back to the visceral and vitriolic reaction from the left Peter Wehner says is best over at Commentary:



Peter Wehner04.18.2008 – 11:45 AM

In an article today, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post cites various media figures–from Tom Shales of the Post to Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher to Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann–who are outraged at the performance of George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson during Wednesday’s Democratic debate. The ABC News duo’s performance, we are told, was “despicable,” “shameful,” and “disgraced democracy itself.”

And what did Stephanopoulos and Gibson do to earn this scorn? Why, they asked Barack Obama some probing questions, including one about his past relationships with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and a former leader of the Weather Underground, William Ayers.

Consider this thought experiment: Assume that a conservative candidate for the GOP nomination spent two decades at a church whose senior pastor was a white supremacist who uttered ugly racial (as well as anti-American) epithets from the pulpit. Assume, too, that this minister wasn’t just the candidate’s pastor but also a close friend, the man who married the candidate and his wife, baptized his two daughters, and inspired the title of his best-selling book.

In addition, assume that this GOP candidate, in preparing for his entry into politics, attended an early organizing meeting at the home of a man who, years before, was involved in blowing up multiple abortion clinics and today was unrepentant, stating his wish that he had bombed even more clinics. And let’s say that the GOP candidate’s press spokesman described the relationship between the two men as “friendly.”

Do you think that if those moderating a debate asked the GOP candidate about these relationships for the first time, after 22 previous debates had been held, that other journalists would become apoplectic at the moderators for merely asking about the relationships? Not only would there be a near-universal consensus that those questions should be asked; there would be a moral urgency in pressing for answers. We would, I predict, be seeing an unprecedented media “feeding frenzy.”

The truth is that a close relationship with a white supremacist pastor and a friendly relationship with an abortion clinic bomber would, by themselves, torpedo a conservative candidate running for president. There is an enormous double standard at play here, one rooted in the fawning regard many journalists have for Barack Obama. They have a deep, even emotional, investment in his candidacy. And, as we are seeing, they will turn on anyone, even their colleagues, who dare raise appropriate and searching questions–the kind journalists are supposed to ask. The reaction to Stephanopoulos and Gibson is a revealing and depressing glimpse into the state of modern journalism.

Well said.


Hillary the Fraud Part 1 Billion

Hillary Busted on Guns & Jesus

Hillary love Jesus and guns so much that she refuses to comment on when she went to church or when she last shot a gun. This lady is a total farce.

Hillary Loves Jesus & Guns!

I think Hillary may just have picked up Ted Nugent’s endorsement, wang, bang, that sweet, well nevermind. The funny thing is, Hillary was against guns before she was for them. Consider this quote “If you own a gun… make sure it’s locked up and stored without the ammunition. In fact, make it stored where the ammunition is stored separately. We’ve made some progress in the last several years with the Brady Bill and some of the bans on assault weapons, but we have a lot of work to do.”(Source: ABC’s “Good Morning America” Jun 4, 1999).

That’s great, so if somebody breaks in to your home all you have to do is 1) unlock your gun, 2) unlock your ammo, 3) load your gun, and, 4) call your insurance agent and file a claim for everthing that has been stolen while you put together your home defense.

The religion issue is always strange when dealing with the left. They typically have such an aversion to it. Vampires and sunlight come to mind but Hillary is ready to have a soul is that’s what it takes by God! Her attempt here is so tranparent it isn’t worth going into.

Obama may be a Marxist, but he is also a better person than Hillary. Her lust for power has no limit.