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Shock: Obama is a Liar

Does or doesn’t the AARP support the “Obama Healthcare Plan”? Obama indicated they supported his plan yesterday at the townhall meeting in Portsmouth and that turns out to be a complete lie. prevaricator

If you recall the disastrous outreach that the AARP has conducted (see below) you understand why they don’t want to be seen as supporting this plan yet.

Given the mainstream media’s affinity for fellating Obama – will anybody know he is a prevaricator in chief? Should we report Obama for making a fishy statement to flag@whitehouse.gov?

Where is the left’s outrage?

While the left makes much of the “healthcare crisis” and both Democratic candidates offer some level of socialist redress to the issue we hear nothing of the Obama hypocrisy. Michelle Obama was the Vice President of Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals pulling in over $300,000 for a do nothing position. A position she promoted to after her husband joined the Senate. I’m sure the $250,000 raise was a coincidence.

The thing is, where is the outrage? If Dick Cheney was the CEO of a hospital you can imagine the vitriol. It is amazing what the left will turn a blind eye to if you are a socially promoted black woman. Maybe healthcare would not be so expensive if parasites like Mrs. Obama lived thier words.