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Obama Speech to AMA

Obama gave his spiel to the AMA today and it was stunning for its lack of specificity. I also found it remarkable that while the President guaranteed that individuals could keep their current insurance plans and doctors under his proposed legislation he made no promise that their costs would not go up.

How will the reforms be funded? The President stated flatly that he does not support any liability caps to moderate the extreme exposure facing medical professionals from an overly litigious public. The President made mention of the $600B “Reserve Account” that was already budgeted. The problem with that is over fifty percent of the anticipated revenue is from the reduction of tax deductions for the wealthy that is not even supported by his own party. The rest of the revenues are budgetary hokus pokus and cost shifts. No mention was made of the approximately 15 million illegal aliens impacting the health system leading me to assume that we will all be covering this continued expense (or that an amnesty program will legitimate these individuals and that they will therefore have coverage under the proposed plan).

Another issue I found troubling was the President’s attempt to insert himself into the lives of individuals relative to their fitness and dietary habits. The government has no business micro managing our lives. These statements foreshadow the involvement of the Leviathan in our daily lives should the proposed legislation pass.

Finally, a continuous theme throughout the speech was the denigration of anybody and any argument against the proposed legislation. Opponents are demonized much in the way that the global warming fanatics demonize skeptics and declare science the related science a “settled matter”. Here again we see the arrogance of the left and the building of the road to fascism.

Laurie David is a Douschebag

Well you probably already know that Laurie David is a douschebag. Did you know that while the rest of us should suffer due to the global warming fraud it’s ok for her to piss on the environment for a BBQ pit and a tennis court?

Here’s the relevant portion of the article detailing David’s assault on mother earth :

The property owned by Ms. David off North Road was the subject of a series of wetlands violations in 2005, when construction of a stone fire pit, barbecue grill area and wooden stage for a children’s theatre with seating was begun in a wetland without a permit.

The new infractions occurred during the construction of a tennis court. Workers installed a makeshift road with boards and stones and drove heavy machinery across the resources area making a path to the tennis court site. Attempts to reach Ms. David were unsuccessful…

What an inconvenient truth indeed.

Liberal Evironmentalist Loves Fish…Hates Hispanics

While you have have may have heard about the drought in California and the impacts on jobs due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) regarding preservation of a non-indigenous fish you probably have not seen or heard this in the national media:

Lib enviro loves fish but hates those pesky Hispanics. Imagine the national uproar if Rush Limbaugh said this…

The fascist take on the particular issue. A view that values humans above “biological diversity”.

Global Warming Fraud…

Keeps on rolling along…

Logic & Global Warming

In case you have missed this it’s worth a view:

Watch weak-minded Rose get stymied by logic on the matter of gobal warming…

Language Games

The need to employ critical thinking is ever-present and is particularly necessary when dissecting the environmentalist religion. As the New York Times points out the movement supporters are aware that when they are honest about their message and intentions the public is not interested.

Don’t fall for the language games of the fascistic environmental movement. Evidence of the change is already available as we see “global warming” become “climate change”. As the former has been revealed to be a fraud it has been necessary to employ the latter. “Climate Change” is also much more nebulous and harder to expose as a fraud since, by definition, the climate changes. Tautological reasoning is what we can expect from the left.
These word games are not new to the wacky left. Think about the immigration debate and the evolving terminology…from “illegal aliens” to “undocumented workers”. Think about the transition the DHS has employed shifting from “terrorists” to “man made disasters”.

Language begets policy. Pay attention.

Liberalism is the real disease infecting the U.S.

If cap & trade passes and your energy costs go through the roof just remember that Al Gore is going to be OK 🙂

Newt counters the epic fraud that is Al Gore:

And then utterly destroys Henry Waxman:

Liberalism is a mental disorder.