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College Student Destroys Barack Obama

Barack Obama gets called out by a college kid and is totally exposed as fraudulent windbag. I don’t think this road show is working out very well.

Obama Brownshirts on Film (Acorn)

ACORN teams up with police to silence freedom of speech and freedom of assembly:

Still think the Nazi comparison goes to far?

CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts

First they came for the talk radio hosts

Shock: Obama is a Liar

Does or doesn’t the AARP support the “Obama Healthcare Plan”? Obama indicated they supported his plan yesterday at the townhall meeting in Portsmouth and that turns out to be a complete lie. prevaricator

If you recall the disastrous outreach that the AARP has conducted (see below) you understand why they don’t want to be seen as supporting this plan yet.

Given the mainstream media’s affinity for fellating Obama – will anybody know he is a prevaricator in chief? Should we report Obama for making a fishy statement to flag@whitehouse.gov?

Linda Douglass: Whore for the Nazis

Linda Douglass confirms that she is a whore for the Nazi administration of Barack Obama in an interview with Howard Kurtz. When you get called out by CNN you know you have gone too far to the left…

What a sellout whore…and a total liar…

Hmmm…ex journalist…fulltime nazi whore.

Ain’t the new media something!?

Obama Artwork

Courtesy of thepeoplescube  and jeffhead :

History does not have to repeat itself.

Dissent II

The Nazi ‘N Chief does NOT want to hear from you:

Sig Heil!