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NBC’s Position on Torture

Against it for national security but all for it when it is done in the name of profit.


Nancy Pelosi

Oy Ve:


Obama Flips and Gibbs Struggles

Obama’s flip on the release of the detainee “abuse” photos is the right decision but we don’t know for what reason. We do know that the left is apoplectic. Perhaps even more fun is the joy of watching the ever-incompetant Robert Gibbs try to explain the “evolution” of Obama’s thought.

Things get complicated for Holder

Eric Holder’s plate is getting messy.

Should he choose to pursue the Bush legal staff that opined as to the the legality of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) he could open himself and the Clinton Administration to similar scrutiny. Oh how the worm turns.

This is on top of the revelation that Nancy Pelosi has lied repeatedly and had full knowledge of the EIT’s being employed by the CIA. Nancy has no cred 🙂

Where are the unshaven ladies of code pink? Where is moveon.org??

100 Day Presser – Obama to Nation…

If enhanced interrogation techniques could save Americans from imminent harm our “Dear Leader” will not employ them. What a chooch. At least now he concedes that valuable intelligence was gleaned although he did not commit to release the details.