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Praising a candidate for President that pals around with a guy that praised the guy that killed your dad when he was President. Think I am kidding? I shit you not:

Caroline Kennedy asked about 200 senior residents of the Land of Presidents Condo Community in West Palm Beach to make Barack Obama their next president.

“I think you have a tremendous responsibility and privilege to determine the course of our future,” she said. “The world is watching and the world actually depends on this, just in case this doesn’t make you feel any pressure.”

During her 15-minute speech this afternoon, Kennedy made references to her father, John F. Kennedy, and his inspiration that has trickled down from generation to generation.

“We haven’t had a leader who can spark that light of inspiration,” said Kennedy, who became convinced that with Obama’s name on the Democratic ticket “this was a special moment in time.”

I guess the little beacon of light doesn’t care that Obama’s pal William Ayers had much love for the guy that killer dad. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

Obama & The PLO

What the MSM will keep from you until after the election. Barack Obama is a total fraud.

Bill Ayers Audio

If Barack Obama were running for student president it might be cool having the anarchist/marxist professor as a bud. I used to party with one of my professors who was an unabashed marxist when I was in undergrad and we would argue politics. I think it helped me form my belief system and debate skills. I have to say that my prof was never one to advocate violence.

But…we aren’t in a pub in a college town. Barack Obama isn’t a 20 y/o feeling out the ways of the world in college. Obama is running to be the head of the “system”, the “man” if you will. How his relationship with Ayers can be reconciled is beyond me.

Bill Ayers I Hardly Knew Ya!

I admit that I know many people as well, but I don’t think I know one that “struck a blow against the man”. I guess Barack Obama runs in better circles:

With Friends Like This…(Delayed Cognitive Dissonance)

Bill Ayers

Barack sure can pick ’em… This guy is pondscum. 

Let us be perfectly clear, this is more than a guy that lives in the same neighborhood as BO, he threw BO’s first fundraiser back in 1995. If you are at all familiar with politics you know that someone that patronizes your candidacy by hosting a fundrasier does so for a reason. And just as Ayers saw in Barack something he liked and wanted to go out of his way to support so too should Barack have been familiar with this helping hand (just like Rezko).

At best Barack Obama is a terrible judge of character. I think the reality is that he knew exactly who Ayers was and is and that those radical views were not incommensurate with his own. There seems to be too many instances of delayed cognitive dissonance with Barack Obama.