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Obama in Perspective…

The Road to Surfdom

The Road to Surfdom

Arlen Specter Meets…



Every Day Is Christmas…

…when Barack Obama is POTUS…if you are a lazy free loader. Please meet Peggy Joseph that looks to government to take care of her gas and mortgage:

Remember when you worked for the American Dream? It looks like Peggy wants her lootcakes for free.

Update: Now it looks like Obama may be worried if he cannot part the sea and save the world. Somebody better alert the freeloaders.

Portrait of Insincerity

Mahoney doesn’t have the Clinton touch that is for sure:


Rep. Tim Mahoney Loves the Nookie

I guess Rep. Mahoney is alotta smoking man, too much for just one wife and lover on the side. The Palm Beach Post must be very proud of its endorsement 🙂

The latest GOP ad:

Tim Mahoney – Scumbag

The promise:

The reality:

Mahoney is full of shit. What did he take responsibility for? When you pay off your whore with tax dollars it is a problem. I love how he calls it dirty politics, did he feel the same about Foley?

Uh oh, here comes the FBI.

Democrats Are Classy Folks


Barney Frank’s Conflict of Interest…

If you are a gay democrat the media won’t touch you…

If this were John McCain and he had a lover at Fannie Mae what do you think the response would be?

Barack Obama Quits Trinity

Well, well, well…  Barack Obama has quit his loving church. What a political hack he has turned out to be after all. After attending this church for 20 years only when he is running for POTUS does he find the hateful rhetoric objectionable. Obama is a joke. There is nothing to see here but an empty suit.