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College Student Destroys Barack Obama

Barack Obama gets called out by a college kid and is totally exposed as fraudulent windbag. I don’t think this road show is working out very well.

And Then They Came For Cable News

How long before they get to you?

CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts

First they came for the talk radio hosts

Barack Obama: “Healthcare is a Right…”

So far the most stunning part of the debate is Obama’s assertion that healthcare is a “right”. Does he propose an amendment to the Constitution? Wasn’t the point of the Bill of Rights to protect us from government? Barack Obama wants to move us considerably closer to a command economy and won’t man up and admit it and McCain is too inarticuclate to call him on it. Frustrating.

Palin Vs Biden

I think Sarah did fine and certainly dispelled the meme the MSM was pushing. She is positive and accessible to people and that will make a difference.

Ifill Update





Apparently Gwen Ifill did not inform the Commission on Presidential Debates about her forthcoming book focusing on the Obamasiah. I guess Ifill not only has a problem with a conflict of interest but a serious deficieny of ethics as well.

Gwen Ifill the Neutral Moderator?

Gwen appears to be wearing a face of disgust in response to Palin’s convention spiel:

Michelle Malkin takes apart the clearly conflicted Iffil.

Hugh Hewitt has Palin on his show…