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Illegal Alien Vouches for Obama

I’ve not delved into the “birther” issue but this is to sweet to pass up.

CNN uses an illegal alient to vouch for Obama. What the hell?

CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts

First they came for the talk radio hosts

America’s Car Dealer

Butler, MO car dealer Mark Muller talks about his popular promotion in which anyone who purchases a truck receives a free AK-47 and totally confounds CNN’s Carol Costello by pushing back against her anti-gun and seemigly anti-God sentiments.


Future of the GOP

Note to MSM and beltway pundits; the people will decide the future of the GOP or it will wither and die…perhaps at the hand of a third party.

And when in the hell will Meghan McCain’s 15 minutes be up? If she wants to make kissy face with Donna Brazille she should be more of a man then her daddy and join the Democrat Party.

More CNN Scum; Rick Sanchez the Murderer

I meant to post this up earlier. Glenn Beck et al expose Rick Sanchez for the tool he is:

Good stuff eh?

This is CNN

Update II: Tape rolls as Founding Bloggers take the CNN activist to task:

Update: Apparently Susan the hack was a liberal scorned. MM has also underscored the double standards of CNN reporters activists.

CNN Reporter Obama Propagandist Susan Roesgen shows her true colors…oh dear you doth protest too much:

I’ve taken a pause from blogging for a while hoping that BO would not be as bad as I thought…turns out he and his ilk are much worse.

The Media

An outstanding exposition on the state of the media. Somebody should inform the editors that you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Get Well Tony Snow

Apparently Tony Snow is under the weather, I hope it’s not related to his past bout with cancer. I think Tony is a great guy and he was the best press secretary I have seen in a while. He is getting ready to add a touch of class to CNN while still filling in for Bill O on Fox Radio.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Tony!