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The Do As I Say Not As I Do Obama

Obama is called out for being a hypocrite and a selfish prick.

Obama to Plumber:Your $$$ Belongs to Other People

Obama confirms his socialist intent:

Don’t you love how generous liberals are with other people’s money? This is rich coming from a millionaire that has a brother living in a hut. Apparently in the Obama household charity starts in your home, not his. Obama’s running mate follow’s the same theme by being a stingy bastard¬†while calling on Americans to be patriotic and pay more taxes:

Obama-Biden, the team for losers who cannot make thier own way in the world.

Sally Struthers Where Are You?

Can Sally Save Barack's Brother?

Can Sally Save Barack

They say charity begins at home, but not for liberals like Joe Biden as we have seen below and certainly not for Barack Obama. Maybe for the price of a cup of coffee a day we can help Barack Obama’s brother move out of his shanty.