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Barack Obama: “Healthcare is a Right…”

So far the most stunning part of the debate is Obama’s assertion that healthcare is a “right”. Does he propose an amendment to the Constitution? Wasn’t the point of the Bill of Rights to protect us from government? Barack Obama wants to move us considerably closer to a command economy and won’t man up and admit it and McCain is too inarticuclate to call him on it. Frustrating.

The One

Barack is apparently making a hard push for the faith community. It’s a natural given how much Jesus and Barack have in common:

Rep. Cohen fails to point out that Jesus wasn’t paid a salary and given a free car to rouble rouse Alinksy-style.

Obama’s Stunning Damage Control Pays Off!

Obama is a masterful politician!

HRC Campaign RIP

Hillary Campaign

Stick a fork in it, the presidential aspiration of prevaricateur in chief HRC are over. We read today that Mark Penn is out at Clinton’s Senior Campaign Strategist. I guess working on Colombia’s behalf for NAFA is a bit much since Hillary has changed her position recently and lied about her past stance. I love Hillary 🙂