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How Do We Beat Obama?

Fight Chicago the “Chicago Way”:

Yeah Baby ūüôā

If Conservatives Were Like Liberals…

It would look like this. (h/t Kansas Citian)


…in perspective.

Barack Gets His Nazi On

The nascent Nazi stage of Barack Obama.

Democrats Are Classy Folks


I Gots A Bracelet Too!

Here is the classic moment from the Obamasiah coming off as a total contrived ass:



McCain Pulls Strong Performance In Debate

And capitalizes on it right away:

Overall I think it was a good debate that highlighted the differences between the candidates. I do not believe that Barack Obama fumbled so much as he revealed himself. It is my hope for the future of the Country that enough people are paying attention.

The Queen of Entitlement & Bitterness Strikes Again?

Keep an eye on this website. Rumor has it that the Michelle Obama may have been taped ranting against whitey. I know that’s hard to believe given her rosey demeanor…¬† If it is true it will be delightful to watch Barack Obama try to throw this momma from the train.

Obama’s Missed Opportunity

I was thinking about Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and his current situation and how he is playing it and I cannot help but think he squandered his potential to be a transformative leader on the issue of race. It could have happened, and should have, after the first snippets of the Reverend Wright came out…instead Barack gave his bs speach and the media swooned.¬†After Reverend Wright’s Press Club performance Obama had no choice¬†but to put distance between the¬†thoughts and philosophy of Wright and himself.¬†Obama went further though, he put distance between himself and the man that¬†was a mentor and spiritual advisor for 20 years. He ran away from¬†someone who, by all acounts, seemed to be a father figure to him.

What¬†Barack Obama failed to do is to take the opportunity to illuminate¬†black liberation theology and why it was¬†relevant to the struggle Jeremiah Wright was engaged in and why it is not relvant to his current struggle. He had the opportunity to really be the post-racial candidate and he fumbled. I’m not sure if it was fear¬†or just political lust that got the better of him. I do know that had he engaged the public in a genuine¬†discourse on the emancipation of blacks in the United States due in part to those¬†proponents of liberation theology and the subsequent perpetuation¬†of victimology that is the current¬†impediment to progress for blacks it would have been a powerful moment.¬†The solution became the problem.¬†Al Sharpton.¬†Jesse Jackson. Jeremiah Wright.

Imagine if Barack Obama gave a speach that spoke about liberation theology and the context¬†in which it was created. If he talked about it honestly, the rage and¬†the¬†desparation, the struggle for humanity from a critical perspective, we could have moved forward. He fumbled. He could have embraced his friend of twenty years with understanding and explained how the Reverend’s views were part of the past and outlined what we need to do to move forward. Instead Obama acted like a coward and lost a friend and a chance.

I don’t think he can recover. Sure, Barack Obama can go on to get the nomination and perhaps be President but he will not be a great man, he will just be another opportunistic politician. He could have been a statesman.

Barack Supporters Are Mindless Sheeple Part II


Ok, so Barack Obama has either revealed himself to be a blithering idiot and admits to missing what a hateful piece of shit his pastor Jeremiah Wright is and was for the past 20 years or he is a complete liar and and is trying to save his political bacon with his speach today. Regardless which of the aformentioned possibilities holds true one thing is for sure, the folks following this empty suit, aka Barack Jesus Christ Obama, are blithering idiots. They are a voluminous lot mind you but stupid and/or delusional nonetheless.