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The Education of Congressman Baird

Congressman Baird likened citizens that are against the socialization of healthcare to the “brownshirts“. At a recent townhall meeting the congressman got an education on who the real brownshirts are:

Apparently David Letterman prefers to refer to these Americans as Taliban

Keep fighting back against Obama and his band of merry Nazis.

Obama Brownshirts on Film (Acorn)

ACORN teams up with police to silence freedom of speech and freedom of assembly:

Still think the Nazi comparison goes to far?

Obama Brownshirts Heed His Call

Unions = Obama Brownshirts 

Obama To Create Liberal Fascist Domestic Force

Obama announces his call for a Civilian Security Force:

Interesting. We have the Reserves and the National Guard. Why would we need a “Civilian Security Force” in addition or to supplant what is in existence? Perhaps the creation of Barack’s brownshirts will happen at the same time individual gun rights are taken away.

Here’s a look into the future:

Ask yourself, do you feel comfortable with Barack Obama naming two to three appointments to the Supreme Court?