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The Education of Congressman Baird

Congressman Baird likened citizens that are against the socialization of healthcare to the “brownshirts“. At a recent townhall meeting the congressman got an education on who the real brownshirts are:

Apparently David Letterman prefers to refer to these Americans as Taliban

Keep fighting back against Obama and his band of merry Nazis.

Barack Obama Is A F’ing Nazi

I realize the title to this post is a bit provocative but it is true…Barack Obama is a militant thug and is sending out his stormtroopers to enforce his version of the “truth“:

So, come get some stormtroopers.

Barack Obama We Solute You!

Barack Obama We Solute You!

Thou shalt not bear false witness against Barack Jesus Christ Obama! Agree with “the One” or be gassed!

Meet one of Barack Obama’s stormtroopers:

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

Robert P. McCulloch



100 South Central Avenue – Second Floor
Clayton, MO  63105
(314) 615-2600
Please contact the Nazi above and ask him about his efforts to assist der Führer and express how you feel about this. Be nice 🙂