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Obama Bait & Switch on Immigration, War, Gay Rights

The Hispanic activists that supported Barack Obama in the hope of aggressive immigration reform are a little dismayed. It turns out that Obama is continuing previously implemented programs and even stepping them up a bit. The New York Times indicates how Obama has moved his position towards his election opponent:

Ms. Napolitano and other administration officials argue that no-nonsense immigration enforcement is necessary to persuade American voters to accept legislation that would give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, a measure they say Mr. Obama still hopes to advance late this year or early next.

That approach brings Mr. Obama around to the position that his Republican rival, Senator John McCainof Arizona, espoused during last year’s presidential campaign, a stance Mr. Obama rejected then as too hard on Latino and immigrant communities. (Mr. McCain did not respond to requests for comment.) Now the enforcement strategy has opened a political rift with some immigrant advocacy and Hispanic groups whose voters were crucial to the Obama victory.

The continuation and expansion of the 287(g) program has to be an especially hard pill for the activists to swallow.

At least immigration activists are not alone…they can find comfort in the arms of gay activists and anti-war activists that Obama has also sold out 🙂


Coming next…Obama breaks his pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than $250K per year…oh, nevermind, he broke that promise when he raised taxes on tobacco.