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Laurie David is a Douschebag

Well you probably already know that Laurie David is a douschebag. Did you know that while the rest of us should suffer due to the global warming fraud it’s ok for her to piss on the environment for a BBQ pit and a tennis court?

Here’s the relevant portion of the article detailing David’s assault on mother earth :

The property owned by Ms. David off North Road was the subject of a series of wetlands violations in 2005, when construction of a stone fire pit, barbecue grill area and wooden stage for a children’s theatre with seating was begun in a wetland without a permit.

The new infractions occurred during the construction of a tennis court. Workers installed a makeshift road with boards and stones and drove heavy machinery across the resources area making a path to the tennis court site. Attempts to reach Ms. David were unsuccessful…

What an inconvenient truth indeed.

Global Warming Fraud…

Keeps on rolling along…

Language Games

The need to employ critical thinking is ever-present and is particularly necessary when dissecting the environmentalist religion. As the New York Times points out the movement supporters are aware that when they are honest about their message and intentions the public is not interested.

Don’t fall for the language games of the fascistic environmental movement. Evidence of the change is already available as we see “global warming” become “climate change”. As the former has been revealed to be a fraud it has been necessary to employ the latter. “Climate Change” is also much more nebulous and harder to expose as a fraud since, by definition, the climate changes. Tautological reasoning is what we can expect from the left.
These word games are not new to the wacky left. Think about the immigration debate and the evolving terminology…from “illegal aliens” to “undocumented workers”. Think about the transition the DHS has employed shifting from “terrorists” to “man made disasters”.

Language begets policy. Pay attention.

Liberalism is the real disease infecting the U.S.

If cap & trade passes and your energy costs go through the roof just remember that Al Gore is going to be OK 🙂

Newt counters the epic fraud that is Al Gore:

And then utterly destroys Henry Waxman:

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Global Warming Callout

MSNBC & GE get called out.

(h/t MM)

Gore, Hansen, and the Global Warming Myth…

Liars. Al Gore should be jailed for fraud and his sock-puppet Hansen should be fired.