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Arthur Frommer = Pansey Douschebag

While this travel chooch is all up in arms about citizens lawfully bearing arms I don’t see him deliberating whether or not to boycott states that have allowed the thuggery of the SEIU and ACORN to go unchecked. Is this flake going to advocate a boycott of Philadelphia:

The city of brotherly love…

Arthur Frommer…a useful idiot.

Obama is a “Charming Liar”

A delicious turn from the left as they too realize that Obama is a Nazi.  The left doesn’t like getting punked 🙂

(h/t MM for image)

Heil Obama

Heil Obama

Obama Brownshirts on Film (Acorn)

ACORN teams up with police to silence freedom of speech and freedom of assembly:

Still think the Nazi comparison goes to far?

Obama Brownshirts Heed His Call

Unions = Obama Brownshirts 


Malkin points out that the “market place of ideas” is anathema to the modern left…much as it was in Nazi Germany.

Blood In The Streets If Obama Loses

Yet another reasonto vote against Barack Obama. I guess liberal elites think the unwashed masses that support Obama will not be able to contain their rage if the Messiah loses. This begs the question, during civil unrest do you prefer to take out the aggressors with a .223 or a 7.62 round?

Seriously though, these liberals are off the hook with their emotions and this is further evidence that liberal ideology is the underpinning of fascism. If they cannot get what they want through Acorn-enabled voter fraud they want the masses to resort to violence. Sounds like Bill Ayers would have a lovely time.

Cisneros and the Liberal Mind

The Times has a great article today that underscores the naivete of the liberal mind viz-a-viz the housing/financial crisis.I think in the case of Cisneros there may not have been any ill intent but just a complete lack of common sense. He appears, as many liberals do, to be overwhelmed by passion that clouds any sense of judgement. He admits in retrospect that relaxing credit standards and pushing low-income people to buy homes was a mistake. People should understand that Barack Obama will bring in people far worse than Cisneros. Can the County afford any more of this passion?

Obama Voter Fraud

Barack Obama’s get out steal the vote campaign is in full effect. If you steal a vote in the MSM forest, will anybody here it?


Call your legislators and demand action, now!

This is not the ACORN I knew…

The WSJ highlights Barack Obama’s close ties to the insipid community organizers and his recent attempt to distance himself as we have seen before with Wright, Ayers, etc.