Thank You Congressman Wilson


Finally somebody has the balls to call Obama what he is, a liar. It’s too bad the Congressman later apologized but his point was certainly made. Obama has been talking for months about the 47 million uninsured that he was going to provide coverage and magically last night the number of insured changed to 30 million. What happened? People understand that Obama is lying about providing coverage for illegal aliens and Congressman Wilson reacted with the frustration that we all feel when listening to the false rhetoric of the Dear Leader.

The pressure from the nutroots will be intense; call or write Congressman Wilson and let him know you understand and appreciate his frustration with our lying President.

10 responses to “Thank You Congressman Wilson

  1. A little Southern Idiot, one of many who didn’t seem to have a problem when George Bush was lying his way to an illegal war.
    I’m absolutely sick to death of the pathetic, extreme, American Right Wing. They actually physically disgust me.

  2. Last time I checked ,we could still voice our opinions in this country. He was exercising his free speech.This will give the Liberals something to be indignant about .

  3. My goodness the previous poster is ironically named for sure.
    I wish Mr. Wilson had told the president to his face, in person, and in private that the president is a liar. The public display is not the best venue, but I’m afraid most of the country was simply saying it anyway.
    My first thought was – what is it with South Carolina and presidents? Can’t they just get along?
    Well, unlike the previous incident, even as a Texan, I did not agree then, but I am sure with South Carolina’s congressman this time! Thank you, Mr. Wilson!

  4. Obama did not lie, Obama has no plan in the works for Healthcare, therefore he can make all sorts of wrong comments and not be lying. Only plans are in Congress. So our leaders in the GOP must show the country just why not to trust Obama, he said he would not use earmarks, lots of pork laden bills went thru. Obama said he would expose his government, he has hidden things more then Bush, and the CZARS are hidden socialist agenda awaiting orders.

  5. Obama promised to pull out of Iraq, we still have 140 thousand troops still there. Obama promised to take the war to Afghanistan, he refuses under pressure to send adequate troop levels to win. So when Obama says no healthcare for Illegal aliens, and Abortions will not be paid for by federal dollars, he stretches the truth. States will and are mandated to provide healthcare for the Illegal aliens and pay for abortions, mandated by the federal Gov in the past, and when put to vote in the Congress, they voted down the stoppage. So can we trust our Gov? NO

  6. You want to see the truth behind the myth that illegal immigrants will be covered? How about looking at HR 3200 itself –


    Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

    The preceding section reiterates this, stating that “the term ‘affordable credit eligible individual’ means … an individual who is lawfully present in a State in the United States.” In other words, no federal subsidies for you if you’re in the country illegally. Besides, illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for federal health programs under current law. (Tax dollars do, however, cover emergency care.)
    The GOP talking points comes from Rep King (R-IL). His press release says that the CBO projected that the uninsured would include 14.1 million illegal immigrants in 2019. The CBO’s analysis of the House health care bill estimates that in 2019, 17 million would remain uninsured “nearly half of whom would be unauthorized immigrants.” This is where math comes in: Taking the 14.1 million illegal immigrants in 2019 and subtracting half of 17 million (8.5 million) gets you … 5.6 million illegal immigrants that have suddenly gained coverage, right? Actually, no. About half of illegal immigrants in the U.S. have health care coverage now.

    As the CBO itself said in a December 2008 report: “studies indicate that of the roughly 12 million unauthorized immigrants in this country [now], about half have health insurance and half are uninsured.” Those studies were done by the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center. Its oft-cited work on the numbers of unauthorized immigrants said that illegal immigrants were more likely to be uninsured principally because “the occupations and industries in which the unauthorized work tend to be those where employers do not provide insurance.” The center’s report said 59 percent of adults and 53 percent of children with illegal status are uninsured.

  7. Well you are entitled to your opinion. But I really think that this was already covered by disallowing it. Funny that conversatives who tradiotnally don’t like the intrusion into our lives is willing to have the government inconvience a large nujber of people in order to ferret out the very few illegals who would risk their residency. It is my experence as a public health policy and planning professional that illegal immigrants more often than not avoid medical care because they are terrified of being deported. I am sure that you would like them deported- but that isn’t the issue; their avoiding public health is.

    You might like my take on Cogressman WIlson’s outburst bur it is more likely that your right wing wrong headed brain will explode-

  8. Just an addendum— I didn’t edit my last post before I hit submit… I realize that I made some typos… so please don’t berate me, as one of your fellow conservative bloggers did with disingenuous glee, for not being able to spell when I made a similar unspeakable error.

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