Van Jones…Are You Kidding?

This is ridiculous!

After Jones resigns Obama should be impeached. Who thought it would be a good idea for the inmates to run the asylum?


8 responses to “Van Jones…Are You Kidding?

  1. You can’t impeach him yet. You have to wait until he gets a BJ from an intern, which everyone knows is a high crime and misdemeanor.

  2. Political Dookie good name for this blog. Here’s some more to add to it.

    From the April 10 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program:

    BECK: Why do we have these weapons? Why have we developed these weapons if we’re afraid to use them? And I got news for you: I’m afraid to use them because I know exactly what would happen. Everybody would come out of the woodwork saying how horrible we are and we’re despicable human beings and now we’re using nuclear weapons. I think we need to change the name of the weapon. I think we just need to come up with some sort of politically correct name. Something, I don’t know — this isn’t it, but like a butterfly bomb. Aw, look, it’s like a little butterfly. We could paint it all psychedelic colors; everybody in San Francisco would be like, “Aw, ain’t that like a little butterfly?” Vaporization. I think we’d have a better chance of dropping it. Can you imagine, [Sen.] John Kerry [D-MA] standing up: “It’s completely irresponsible to drop the butterfly bomb.” Yeah, because it sounds too nice.

    You know, how about — because it would make the ground temperature very, very hot, how about something like a climate-control device? Maybe we rename these nukes the climate-control device? Of course, that makes you think of global warming, and then it would tie in, and then it probably wouldn’t — something for the tanning index. Bomb de tropical. What do you think of that? Bomb de tropical. That kind of sounds nice. We could use that one in Venezuela. You know, the problem is I am so pro-science. Everybody says conservatives are anti-science. We’re not. I’m pro-science. We’ve developed this bomb, why wouldn’t we use it? It’s the pro-science bomb.

    No, wait a minute. Hang on just a second. You treat cancer with radiation. I say we call these things anti-cancer bombs. We’re just — what? We’re just dropping anti-cancer bombs. There might have been a cancer victim some place in the — you know, the bowels of that nuclear power plant over there. I don’t — we had — we wanted to make sure we got that anti-cancer vaccine right to them. We’re just dropping anti-cancer bombs. Who’s against — who’s for cancer? Who’s against treatment of cancer? That’s all we’re doing — it’s an anti-cancer bomb.

  3. Ben: You still don’t get it. Nobody cares who he got his BJ from or if he even got one, it is still his lying under oath in a grand jury.
    Why can’t you guys get past the sex and hear what was really being said, how many years will it take to get the wax out of your ears?

  4. I wonder if Glenn will air another “gloatfest” after Van Jones id fired… 🙂

    • I guess we can only wait in anticipation. I don’t know what I will do without his wisdom.

      And 12Step… Clinton’s lies didn’t end in the death of thousands of troops. Bush invented a recreational war in Iraq based on false and misleading evidence while we should have been using our resources in Afghanistan where the actual terrorists were. And before you start in about “well bush didn’t answer any questions under oath… so he is absolved..” Well during the Bush years the judicial branch was at his beck (excuse the pun) and call and no one would have dared even think about subpoenaing him to answer anything under oath. They did try with Cheney and his cronies but we see how well that worked out.

  5. What are you waiting for… When you change the subject you admit you have nothing to offer in opposition.

  6. One less radical in the Whitehouse…

  7. Dear Coldwarning:
    I would never say something as stupid and “Well he never lied under oath”, we don’t do tit for tat or stupid things like that.
    Bush used British intelligence (is that an oximoron?), and all the nations did believe that it was so, we the United State had to pick up the mantle and do something. Remember Sadam was shooting at our fly overs. Sadam is gone and that is a good thing. I still think it was Tony Blair that was pushing us into that war anyway, not the other way around, I really don’t believe GWB was that gung ho in the beginning, all he wanted was OBL’s head on a stick.
    I wonder how many terrorists where killed during the war in Iraq that Al Queada could have used to send over here to do dastardly deads. They sure migrated to Iraq right after the invasion. Guess who we where fighting after the original “mission” was accomplished.
    For ten years we listened to everyone saying “GHWB, should have gone to Bagdad during desert storm” complain and complain, that is all we heard.
    As we like to remind everyone “YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO”
    The best thing to do is to think thoughts all the way through and never have a knee jerk reaction-do not let the GBW hatred syndrome stop anyone from seeking professional help, for that syndrome. We don’t hate Obama, he seems like a nice young man. We just love our country more than anyone who is ever president.

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