…a companion of fools shall be destroyed

The culture of corruption that defines the Obama administration is well documented only months after the election but this latest revelation of conflict of interest in relation to David Axlerod may sink the ship.

7 responses to “…a companion of fools shall be destroyed

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  2. It is sad and upsetting that so many otherwise decent Americans are basing their opinions on the blatant lies of people like Michelle Malkin. There is a disturbing willingness to accept their disinformation without any healthy skepticism.

    Malkin’s personal and decidedly unAmerican agenda is clear enough in her work of fiction, “Culture of Corruption”. Here is just one example of Malkin’s routine reliance on half-truths and outright lies.

    In her book, Malkin states categorically that Michelle Obama “was literally born into the Chicago political corruptocracy,” suggesting that because her father was a volunteer precinct captain and held a city job, she had to be a party to cronyism and embraced the practice to get ahead. In fact, the biography of Michelle Obama that Malkin herself cites in making this dubious case argued the exact opposite– that the first lady’s experience in the “powerful political machine” of Richard J. Daley made her and her family “extremely cynical about politics and politicians” until they met Barack Obama. Obama’s political career was pushed in part by a coalition of people who had grown up in opposition to Daley and whose goal was breaking the Machine. Of course, you’ll never read that in a book written by Michelle Malkin.

    The fact is that Michelle Obama’s father, Frank Robinson, worked as a “Precinct Captain” because he had no other choice. The majority of people serving as precinct captains did so because their paying jobs depended on it. Robinson, whom Malkin fails to mention suffered with MS, had a family to raise and he did what the political machine demanded. Malkin’s hatchet job conveniently ignores the fact that doing “volunteer” work in Chicago was, in fact, the only way you could get and keep a city job. Anybody who knows anything about the Daley era in Chicago knows this.

    Michelle Malkin’s personal attacks on Michelle Obama are but one example of the kind of innuendo and guilt-by-association tactics that we haven’t seen since the likes of since the McCarthy era. Every other aspect of Malkin’s book deals with the subject matter in the same dishonest manner. She has even made incredibly distasteful and completely irrelevant remarks about the First Lady’s appearance. The more I learn about this woman, who wasn’t even on my radar until the health care reform debate exploded, the more she disgusts me.

  3. Michelle Malkin can see all of this so-called corruption now, but during the Bush/Cheney/Libby/Rumsfield years, her vision seems to have been impaired.

  4. If Obama is so bad, why do you all have to resort to the type of tactics that you have? Like I said earlier, how many omission do you all need from people inside the Bush Administration to consider they were crooked? I know that none would be enough, but you have more examples that you do against the Obama Administration.

  5. Great site…keep up the good work.

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