Obama’s Fraudulent Town Hall

I found it stunning that Obama faced no tough question at the townhall even today in Portsmouth, Maine. Given the polling and recent vociferous reactions around the Country wouldn’t you expect a more contentious and vigorous exchange???

Well, it turns out that the deck was stacked.

As an example, please meet Nazi-Obama sympathizer Kathleen Manning Hall:

Nazi Sympathizer

Nazi Sympathizer

This lady used her young child (on the left) as a prop for Supreme Leader Obama.

What depths will the left go to in their desire to ruin this country? Hell. The MSM is already trying to spin this as a spontaneous event.

It’s so unlike liberals to use children as props:

Stay tuned for more evidence that this townhall was about as genuine as Linda Douglass.

9 responses to “Obama’s Fraudulent Town Hall

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  2. What did you expect. This was a staged event.
    To the guy who wrote comment. This was not about Phillippine US relations. It was supposed to be about Hrlath care. Besides all those folks were pre screened before they could ask those questions.

  3. It’s clear this administration is disingenuous in addition to being arrogant toward Americans with a different point of view. For someone who screams diversity as loud as he does, he should be sitting down and taking a bit bite from his own dog food.

    On another note, I believe that using “Nazi” in association with these protests takes away a large piece of the gravity this issue needs. It serves as a distraction to the cause of getting down the the base of the issue and lowers our voice and credibility. We run the danger if lowering ourselves to the level of the democrats in general and specifically, to that of Nancy Pelosi

  4. The fact that the NH townhall meeting with Obama was filled with so many supporters may be easy to explain, even by a non-geek like me. Keep this recent article in mind when you follow my logic below: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/10/AR2009081002743_pf.html – U.S. Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears

    Something to think about:
    Remember that the White House has hired technically savvy people to handle their web presence, not to mention the campaign that put Obama into the White House. Google employees and others have joined the Administration.
    The White House has frequently asked the public to submit questions and comments on various issues. People who do so typically fill in government web forms.
    This process allows the WH to collect email and IP addresses for perhaps several million people. I’ll bet it also allows them to sort those comments according to the views expressed — opponents vs.supporters.
    A presorted database would be a goldmine for controlling who gets access to Obama events.
    All the WH would have to do to keep opponents out of a townhall is to program their computer to crosscheck all applicants for townhall tickets or other venues. If the IP or email address shows up on the opponents list, the computer ignores the request. If it shows up on the supporter database, it gets placed into the lottery. 

  5. Tickets for Obama’s town hall were available online. No conspiracy here. I thought it was cute that a little girl asked a question. You people nitpick over the pettiest things.

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