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CNN Bans Talk Radio Hosts

First they came for the talk radio hosts

Shock: Obama is a Liar

Does or doesn’t the AARP support the “Obama Healthcare Plan”? Obama indicated they supported his plan yesterday at the townhall meeting in Portsmouth and that turns out to be a complete lie. prevaricator

If you recall the disastrous outreach that the AARP has conducted (see below) you understand why they don’t want to be seen as supporting this plan yet.

Given the mainstream media’s affinity for fellating Obama – will anybody know he is a prevaricator in chief? Should we report Obama for making a fishy statement to flag@whitehouse.gov?

Obama’s Fraudulent Town Hall

I found it stunning that Obama faced no tough question at the townhall even today in Portsmouth, Maine. Given the polling and recent vociferous reactions around the Country wouldn’t you expect a more contentious and vigorous exchange???

Well, it turns out that the deck was stacked.

As an example, please meet Nazi-Obama sympathizer Kathleen Manning Hall:

Nazi Sympathizer

Nazi Sympathizer

This lady used her young child (on the left) as a prop for Supreme Leader Obama.

What depths will the left go to in their desire to ruin this country? Hell. The MSM is already trying to spin this as a spontaneous event.

It’s so unlike liberals to use children as props:

Stay tuned for more evidence that this townhall was about as genuine as Linda Douglass.