Malkin points out that the “market place of ideas” is anathema to the modern left…much as it was in Nazi Germany.


8 responses to “Dissent

  1. The health care townhall was widly entertaining–don’t see the admin allowing that to happen again without packing the seats with friendly faces.

  2. Kathleen Sebelius looked very uncomfortable being questioned…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCPV0Deh898&feature=related

  3. darn, it’s very uncomfortable when the shoe is on the other foot….it never seems to fit the right way

  4. I wonder what Linda Douglas’ colleagues think of her…

  5. Just waiting for the official posting of dissident names in the town square! Community Organizers will be paid to coordinate public harmony, and mind control!
    The people of this land will not tolerate a government that cannot lead! They can only attempt to initmidate!

  6. This post-partisan thing doesn’t seem to be panning out to well.

  7. Let’s look at this from another perspective, shall we? I don’t see what these ordinary folks are upset about. They knew damn well what they were in for, when they either: a) voted for Obama; or b) voted for a brain-damaged GOP candidate, John McCain! The “Mexichurian Candidate” had neither the vigor or the GUTS to fight B. Hussein Obama and the RINO’s and neo-cons who run the RNC full well knew it. Now, Middle America is upset? Serves ’em right!

    Seriously, where were these folks LAST year, when there was time to stop this train wreck? Seems they’re a lot more than a dollar short, and a day late.

    • You’re right…

      The problem is that conservatives are not “activists” by nature…they tend to have jobs and families and devote themsevles accordingly. I think it is safe to say that they are activew now.

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