Tone Deaf

Say you are a union representing public employees that have  jobs with excellent benefits in one of the states hit hardest by the recession…what do you do? Well of course you ask for a retroactive raise for the current fiscal year and a raise for the coming year. You think that’s nuts? Look at what else the union wants:

  1. $15,000 a year for teachers’ health, dental and vision insurance costs, rather than requiring teachers to participate in the district’s plan
  2. Free after-school child care at the district’s schools
  3. Reimbursement for teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies
  4. Eliminating contractual requirement for teachers to attend back-to-school night
  5. Up to two hours with pay for registered teachers to vote in election

Aside from #3 I cannot fathom a crazier set of demands in the context of the current economic environment. I think this union is about to get a reality check.

In another tone deaf moment in Florida, the City of Clearwater thought they would save some money by eliminating some flags from City properties…and then thought again.  It’s funny that a City that spends $20M on its Parks & Rec Department really thought it would be prudent to dump flags…how about getting rid of the department, save $20M, and let Public Works take care of the flags?

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