Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

Obama Speech to AMA

Obama gave his spiel to the AMA today and it was stunning for its lack of specificity. I also found it remarkable that while the President guaranteed that individuals could keep their current insurance plans and doctors under his proposed legislation he made no promise that their costs would not go up.

How will the reforms be funded? The President stated flatly that he does not support any liability caps to moderate the extreme exposure facing medical professionals from an overly litigious public. The President made mention of the $600B “Reserve Account” that was already budgeted. The problem with that is over fifty percent of the anticipated revenue is from the reduction of tax deductions for the wealthy that is not even supported by his own party. The rest of the revenues are budgetary hokus pokus and cost shifts. No mention was made of the approximately 15 million illegal aliens impacting the health system leading me to assume that we will all be covering this continued expense (or that an amnesty program will legitimate these individuals and that they will therefore have coverage under the proposed plan).

Another issue I found troubling was the President’s attempt to insert himself into the lives of individuals relative to their fitness and dietary habits. The government has no business micro managing our lives. These statements foreshadow the involvement of the Leviathan in our daily lives should the proposed legislation pass.

Finally, a continuous theme throughout the speech was the denigration of anybody and any argument against the proposed legislation. Opponents are demonized much in the way that the global warming fanatics demonize skeptics and declare science the related science a “settled matter”. Here again we see the arrogance of the left and the building of the road to fascism.

Thugocracy Comes to DC

And so it begins.

Will the MSM explore Walpin-Gate?