Daily Archives: June 1, 2009

Everyone Gets It But Us…

Why are we blind to our fate? If Russia can see it why can’t we?

Laurie David is a Douschebag

Well you probably already know that Laurie David is a douschebag. Did you know that while the rest of us should suffer due to the global warming fraud it’s ok for her to piss on the environment for a BBQ pit and a tennis court?

Here’s the relevant portion of the article detailing David’s assault on mother earth :

The property owned by Ms. David off North Road was the subject of a series of wetlands violations in 2005, when construction of a stone fire pit, barbecue grill area and wooden stage for a children’s theatre with seating was begun in a wetland without a permit.

The new infractions occurred during the construction of a tennis court. Workers installed a makeshift road with boards and stones and drove heavy machinery across the resources area making a path to the tennis court site. Attempts to reach Ms. David were unsuccessful…

What an inconvenient truth indeed.