Things get complicated for Holder

Eric Holder’s plate is getting messy.

Should he choose to pursue the Bush legal staff that opined as to the the legality of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) he could open himself and the Clinton Administration to similar scrutiny. Oh how the worm turns.

This is on top of the revelation that Nancy Pelosi has lied repeatedly and had full knowledge of the EIT’s being employed by the CIA. Nancy has no cred 🙂

Where are the unshaven ladies of code pink? Where is

2 responses to “Things get complicated for Holder

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  2. dirtyrottenscoundrels

    I love the irony they are finding themselves in.

    Nancy P is getting the dems all caught in a wringer.

    I would love to have you come over and check out my blog as well – new blogger.

    Any input would be great! I’ve added you to our blogroll!

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