The Matthew Shepard Fraud

The tragic death of Matthew Shepard is symbolic of the sickness that infects the left’s desire to advance policy through systematic victimization. In this case the left is still using Matthew Shepard as the poster child for the implementation of “hate crime” legislation even though it has been known for some time that Shepard’s sexuality was not relevant to his fate.

The New York Times attacked Representative Virginia Foxx, Republican of North Carolina, who called out that the depiction of  Shepard’s death was a hoax but they failed to address the revelations that buttress her viewpoint. The truth about what happened is inconsistent with the desired narrative.

The legislation of thought can serve as a centerpiece for a fascist state and it is something to which this administration is committed.

One response to “The Matthew Shepard Fraud

  1. Here here. Hate crime laws stink!

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