Swine Flu: Blame Obama

The Feds failed to act…Why did the CDC and the DHS fail? Why wasn’t the border with Mexico closed weeks ago?

I look forward to the mainstream media’s outrage over Obama’s “Katrina”.


2 responses to “Swine Flu: Blame Obama

  1. Katrina? Seriously? You have GOT to be joking.
    Republicans will find anything to throw at Obama recently.

    • I agree that Katrina was a joke. The folks had plenty of warning aside from choosing to live below sea-level in the first place. On the other hand individuals can hardly close the border with Mexico themselves and the Feds under Obama’s stellar leadership refused to take appropriate action. Therefore any resultant costs due to the H1N1 virus are Obama’s fault. I know lib’s cannot see fault with their christ but that is their problem.

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