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Look to the Brits for “Truth”

As the Telegraph blasts Gibbs for his infantile remarks it reminded me how often I do find myself over the pond for my news. If you want anything approaching an impatial view into the administration of Barack Obama I suggest you add this site to your daily reading.

Obama in Perspective…

The Road to Surfdom

The Road to Surfdom

Barack’s Post Racial World…

Is bullshit.

Where is Eric Holder? Who is the real coward?

Incompetance & Racism

It turns out that these traits make for a perfect Supreme Court Nominee in the eyes of Barack Obama. The conservatives are not the only ones that see this candidate as being weak on substance. Imagine a white male noominee assertingting the superiority of thier ability due to thier race and stating that it is thier view that the role of judges it to make policy. The double standards are getting old and identity politics is a divisive perspective that does not serve the Country’s intersts. Where is the post racial society that Obama said he would deliver?

Yuck yuck yuck!

The Enemy Within

Barack Obama

The cure for what ails us…the more things change the more they stay the same. Consider Rand’s thoughts on Carter and the universities, her commentary and philosophy have never been more relevant:

Jay Mohr Invites IRS Audit

He dares question the transsexual beauty that is Michelle O:

(h/t  Ace)

Nancy Pelosi

Oy Ve:


Liberal Evironmentalist Loves Fish…Hates Hispanics

While you have have may have heard about the drought in California and the impacts on jobs due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) regarding preservation of a non-indigenous fish you probably have not seen or heard this in the national media:

Lib enviro loves fish but hates those pesky Hispanics. Imagine the national uproar if Rush Limbaugh said this…

The fascist take on the particular issue. A view that values humans above “biological diversity”.

Advance Review: Sarah Palin’s Book “Embarassment”

Well that is according to the objective view of Chris Matthews. It is a funny thing that the book is not out yet but Matthews is already pooping on it.

Hmmm…I recall a certain perspective on Matthews’ last book

How’s that glass house Matthews?

Global Warming Fraud…

Keeps on rolling along…