Don’t Lower My Wage Bro!

If you think immigration is only an issue that concerns unskilled and blue collar laborers and that globalization doesn’t impact you…you might want to consider the broader impacts; specifically the H1B Visas and “offshoring“. While illegal immigration tends to have a greater negative impact on unskilled labor and tradesmen there is a new study that focuses on the impact of H1B visas and “offshoring” on comfy white collar jobs. Here’s  the abstract of the paper by Tambe and Hitt:

We use new sources of micro-data to estimate the impact that H-1B and offshore employment have had on the wages of native IT workers. Our primary data source describes employers, demographics, and wages for a segment of the US IT workforce. We integrate these data with external datasets describing employers’ H-1B applications, available through Department of Labor databases, and offshore employment, measured through the self-reported employment of a large sample of offshore IT workers. Our estimates indicate that H-1B admissions at the current levels are associated with a 5-6% drop in wages for computer programmers and systems analysts. Offshoring appears to lower the wages of a slightly broader class of IT workers, including IT managers, by about 3%. These effects are larger for employees exposed to external labor market forces, such as new graduates or job-hoppers. The implications of these findings for IT workers, policy makers, and managers are discussed.

The study entitled “H-1B Visas, Offshoring, and the Wages of US Information Technology Workers” by Prasanna B. Tambe of New York University – Stern School of Business and Lorin M. Hitt of University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School was relased on April 14 2009 and has been taken down from general public review due to the unanticipated media reaction. I can only imagine what stage of apoplexy the immigration and globalization advocates flew into over this report.

What’s disconcerting is the apparent self imposed censorship being applied here. Academia is supposed to be about open discourse and peer review. It seems that the politcal left yearns for free speach and romanticizes dissent when they like the message but when thier worldview is threatended they strap on the black boots.

One response to “Don’t Lower My Wage Bro!

  1. Aneesh Chopra, Obama’s new Desi CIO got the study pulled.

    This is going to be the future under the rule of India, Inc.

    Opposition will be silenced, by force if needed. Anyone who opposes unlimited visas for guest workers from India will be blacklisted in I.T.

    Soon there will be violence against the bodyshops and L-1 pimps like Infosys/WiPro/Tata. Their workers will have to live in secured compounds, much like expats do in Saudi Arabia. They will be brought to the I.T. departments of American companies under armed guard.

    All CIOs/CTOs, etc. will travel with a security detachment, like the oligarchs in South America.

    No non-Indian will be allowed to do I.T. work. All data and private information will be controlled by India, Inc. Anybody caught opposing the regime will have their credit ruined. They will have their access to the internet cut off, and their children will be excluded from the colleges that will be dominated by foreign students.

    I’m sure you non-I.T. folks find this shocking. Well, get a clue. Bigoted and misogynist Indians have created a monopoly in the American I.T. industry, and Americans, especially women and minorities are not welcome.

    Now, the new immigrants have a voice, such as, various voice groups, law firms offering chat boards, etc. There is always a collective effort to send mass mailings to Immigration authorities, to Senators, House of Representatives, Editorial boards, Fraud experts providing Bogus and BS information, ( such as US Citizens do not have skills needed for 21 century, US citizens do not work hard, etc), so that the media would pick up and post it as facts, etc.

    The new immigrants lobby is aided actively by the corrupt system. Businesses thirst for cheap labor, the fraud staffing firms and unethical head hunters, the politicians urge to quickly cater who ever makes more noise for the fear of future election loss, the immigration authorities to quickly make money by increasing the filing fees for Visas (instead of trying to streamline and fix the fraud that they knew was all around), the immigration law firms using this windfall opportunity to make money, and the desperation of the candidates themselves to get a GC whatever it takes, helped the corrupt system.

    And the new immigrants know that the law can be changed at will. They have seen it in the past 10 years. How many times has the H1, L1, LC certification, RIR process, PERM process, etc been changed by Immigration authorities (and Congress), just by mass mailing, mass flowers, etc. and using the media effectively?

    3-4 million American I.T. workers have been displaced in I.T., and there will be retribution.

    The I.T. executives and eat-their-young globalists have been flooding the industry with low-cost, low-skill indentured servants working with H-1B and L-1 visas, mostly from India — the so-called “guest workers” that for some reason refuse to leave.

    What, everybody in I.T. has to be Hindu or of Indian decent? Americans invented the software industry, but suddenly we’re an inferior race that needs to be purged out of I.T.?

    The ethnic cleansing of Americans out of the global I.T. industry will end, starting now. We will not be slaves to India, Inc. and their collaborators in corporate I.T.

    We don’t need any guest workers with H-1Bs or L-1s in I.T. anymore and getting rid of guest workers in the industry will create one million jobs for Americans and add revenues to local economies. Most guest workers live frugally in close quarters and send their money home.

    I’ve seen my bill rate go from $80/hr to around $50, and I’m not a COBOL programmer — I have cutting edge .NET skills and have no problem getting work. It’s just that I have to compete with an indentured servant from Mumbai/New Dehli/Bangalor/[pick one] who is living out of a suitcase.

    And if these imports are so good, why do we have to train them? The only people that will need training are the I.T. executives that have been trafficking in this hi-tech slave trade and throw Americans under the bus daily in favor of these guest workers.

    By training, I mean training to live in a wheelchair. American I.T. workers have had enough of this garbage, and there are millions that have been displaced in a rather sordid manner by American I.T. managers.

    Time to get a bodyguard, Mr./Mrs. CIO/CTO.

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